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Chatbot Templates

Last updated September 18, 2023

Chatbot workflows (or just chatbots for short), allow you to answer your customers' questions quickly while not having to spend any incremental effort. This is typically your second step in creating an effective triage for new tickets after creating a  Help Center .

Chatbots are incredibly flexible, allowing you to specify different workflows for each of your different customer segments as well as for each different page in your app. However, this flexibility can sometimes lead to difficulty in getting started. To help with that, we've provided a few common workflows below.

Routing customers

Chatbot Templates

In this flow, we want to send a customer to the correct agent on our team. To do that, we:

  1. identify the category of their problem with a quick reply
  2. give them context on the next step with by sending a message
  3. create a ticket assigned to the appropriate agent

Answer frequently asked questions

Chatbot Templates

Your most common questions can typically be answered with help center articles you've already written. To do this:

  1. determine your most common knowledge-based questions
  2. show the articles as suggested answers before moving forward
  3. route customers to an alternative flow if their question wasn't resolved with a quick reply

Qualifying leads

Chatbot Templates

On your marketing pages, it's helpful to qualify sales leads. To do this, you need to distinguish visitors as either uninterested/window shoppers, customers that haven't logged in, and potential leads. Here are the steps:

  1. use a quick reply to separate out potential sales leads from window shoppers and users that haven't logged in
  2. route qualified sales leads to a sales team member by creating a ticket assigned to the sales team

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