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Help CenterHelp CenterStructure, Templates, & Tips

Structure, Templates, & Tips

Last updated February 28, 2024

Help Centers allow you to answer your customers' questions quickly while not having to spend any incremental effort. This is typically the first step in creating an effective triage for new tickets. You can think of this as the handbook for your website.

Filling a Help Center with content, especially when you haven't created any articles, can be daunting. To help with that, we've provided a few common workflows below.

Help Center article structure and styles vary greatly between companies, but there are some common themes that are helpful in creating your own.

The general structure looks like this:

Getting started

  • setup
  • best practices

[Products: one category per product]

  • [features: one article per feature; sections within the article should generally cover the following]
  • what it does
  • why/value prop
  • how to use it


  • how customers are charged
  • basis (seat, usaged, tiered, etc.)
  • frequency (monthly, weekly, per use, etc.)
  • how to change payments
  • how to read your invoice


  • FAQ: As you build up a set of common questions, be sure to include those, either in a specific Frequently Asked Questions category or on a product-by-product basis.
  • Tone: Write your Help Center articles in the same tone that you speak to your customers throughout your product to maintain a consistent, familiar voice

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