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Inbox & Ticketing

Last updated March 6, 2024

What is ticketing? What all does a ticket flow involve on Atlas?

Ticketing is central to all your activities on Atlas and the most important module on Atlas. The ticket flow involves the Inbox, Info Pane & Customer Timeline

What is the inbox?

Inbox is where you see all your tickets from customers, aggregated through different sources.

Are the inboxes customizable?

Yes, you can customize your inbox to suit your workflow. Any search that yields tickets (ie, any direct search against tickets or customers with tickets, events with tickets, etc.) can be converted to a Custom Inbox.

To create a Custom Inbox, open Advanced Search, enter your search criteria (eg, priority is one of urgent, high + status is open) and run the search. Then go to the Tickets tab and click “Create Inbox” on the right hand side. From there, you can choose which of your teammates you’d like to see this newly created inbox.

What information can you find in any row in an inbox?

A row contains:

  1. name: tells you who this ticket is from
  2. phone number or pseudonym: if the name isn’t available or if it is visitor
  3. priority: showcases the urgency of the issue (No Priority to Urgent) and is customizable
  4. channel: showcases where the query is coming from (chat, email, SMS, Slack & WhatsApp). There will be a red badge to indicate unread tickets
  5. status: showcases current state (open, snoozed, closed) of the ticket
  6. message: to see the preview of the message
  7. tags: help you classify tickets according to the issue
  8. assignee: showcases the assigned agent on the ticket
  9. actions: additional actions that help you optimize for ticket closure

All actions have a hotkey that will help you move through ticketing even faster. Here are some of the most commonly used for the above functions:

↑, ↓; P (priority), C (close), T (tag), A (assign), Enter (open/view)

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