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Session Recording

Last updated March 6, 2024

Session Recordings are a core part of the Atlas experience. You can view the session recordings within the customer timeline itself. You will see a header called ‘Session Recordings’ that contains the files.

  • If you click on this to view, you will see a player open that contains a clear video that shows all your customer’s actions
  • If your customer is sitting idle on the page, the player will speed up these segments

You can share the link to a session recording with any of your team members

In the Info Pane of Session Recordings, you will see:

  1. date
  2. location
  3. device
  4. DOM Events that showcase each step in a granular level (Visiting, Typing, Clicking)
  5. Console (super useful while debugging, this will tell you whats happening in the Job Descript Console of the browser)
  6. Sentry (if this is integrated)
  7. Network Traffic
  8. Custom Events

You can also view all sessions recorded on the platform through the hamburger icon and click on ‘Session Recordings’ or through the hotkey command: view sessions (G+S) (S = "sessions")

You can also filter through sessions according to date/location/device and more

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